Paris Jackson: A real lady!

I have decided to post this comment on my blog in English only as a tribute to a great lady, the daughter of the late Michael Jackson, Miss Paris Jackson.

Everyone saw today the tribute from the Staples stadium in Los Angeles and everyone could participate via television, to this very special moment in history. However, even during the ceremony and many times in secondary camera shots, we discovered the face of a sweet lady, a magnificent child so mature she could be an excellent example to follow for most of us.

First, Miss Paris Jackson is a beautiful young lady, great eyes with a smile that could break any heart. Most of all, during all this public presence, she was revealed as a great lady, taking care of the ones around her, looking and listening at all the guest stars in front of her and she proved she was obviously a very mature and elegant miss that will become soon an important presence in the public as a woman.

She was a true survivor, like her father the late Michael Jackson and she is destined to a great future. Thank you Paris Jackson for this lesson of life.

It is now up to the media decency to provide Paris and her brothers security and respect.