Hello Gay Globe, I find the cover page with the photo of President Biden very striking and I wanted to know if the President or someone in his circle provided the photo?
Zack A., Laval

Hello Zack, No, the photo is from the White House website and it is the official photo of the President. However, to put you in your confidence and out of respect for Mr. Biden, I sent him a copy of the magazine, with a cover letter and the English translation of my editorial on him. If we receive a response, we will let readers know.
Roger-Luc Chayer, editor

Your analysis of Éric Duhaime in the magazine 147 made me discover an aspect of his person that I did not know about him. I admit that I find it far too populist with a discourse oriented solely towards the destruction of others and not with different ideas.
Marjo L., Montreal

Thanks for your comment Marjo, I’m a bit of that opinion too, but as it’s an election year in Quebec, time will allow me to get a better idea of ​​what it is, at least I hope so.. .
Roger-Luc Chayer, editor

Hello, just a short comment, in the magazine “Biden” you devoted, by chance or not, two very beautiful texts to our youth. The one on Marco’s conversion therapy and Maître Chamberland’s page on family homophobia. Thank you for always going further and informing us about real life.
Nathan S., Sherbrooke

Nathan, I’m going to tell you a secret, it’s completely by chance and it was you who pointed it out to me. And more, looking again at the two texts, I find that they complement each other very well. Thank you for drawing my attention to this funny coincidence…
Roger-Luc Chayer, editor

Mr. Chayer, Jean-Sébastien Bourré’s text on Betty White made me dream. This actress, until very recently always present on television, I miss a lot.
Arnaud N., Sillery

Hi Arnaud, however, she leaves a huge filmography and everything she has done in her career is available on the web. I miss her a lot too.
Roger-Luc Chayer, editor

Hello Mr. Chayer, I was wondering if it was possible to order certain films that you broadcast to receive them on DVD? There are several that interest me and please tell me the unit cost. Thank you.
Troy J., Repentigny

Hello Troy, no we absolutely cannot copy movies or shows to DVDs, that would be copyright infringement. When we broadcast a movie or show that we don’t own, we often select royalty-free films or embed the broadcaster’s link on a page on the Gay Globe site to stream it without taking ownership. We do not offer a reproduction service for these films. However, everything that is broadcast on Gay Globe is available on the Internet, it is up to you to see if you have access to it to put them on DVD or on USB keys. Copyright is something important to respect, because artists and craftsmen, musicians and authors sometimes live from their works. They must derive their income from the public, please think about it before copying if you want to have new works.
Roger-Luc Chayer, editor
Mr. Chayer, does Gay Globe contribute to the war effort in Ukraine and by what means if this is possible for you?
Taras C., Montreal

Hi Taras, your question is relevant and it coincides precisely with an official announcement that Gay Globe has just made. First of all, at the beginning of the war, I had thought of banning Russia from access to the Gay Globe site, even if it was a symbolic gesture, but it would have been necessary to register nearly 65,000 IP addresses on our list blockages and it would have been impossible.

It was then that an email came to us from Russia, which gave us the idea to do the opposite of our initial plan. Rather than blocking Russia, why not have a correspondent there who would send us texts about the realities of the war and the LGBT situation, from inside Russia, that Russians could therefore read? And this is what was announced on page 12 of this edition. This is our contribution for now.
Roger-Luc Chayer, editor

I noticed on GG’s Facebook page that you have a correspondent in Russia. Do you think that prudent?
Melanie C., Granby

Hello Mélanie, if you speak of caution for our correspondent, rest assured that we are taking all measures to prevent him from being identified by the Russian authorities. As for our interest in his communications, they are fundamental to telling us about the state of the situation of LGBT people in a dictatorship at war. The repression there is terrible and the only way to really know what is going on there is to have a correspondent there and we are lucky.
Roger-Luc Chayer, editor