Carle Jasmin

Adam Rippon is a figure skater who is a member of the US Olympic team at the PyeongChang Winter Games in 2018. He won a bronze medal as a team, but was particularly noted when he announced his homosexuality on the eve games and because he refused to meet US Vice President Mike Pence, who represented the US Olympic delegation. Until then, nothing to complain if it was the vast recovery that followed.

Since the end of the Olympics, the LGBT community has given a status of revolutionary-superstar-megamiliter-hero to the athlete, to the extent that, following the movement, Adam Rippon himself is beginning to show signs of arrogance and snobbery.

He certainly did well to declare himself homo if it was his wish, with the Olympics, he was well placed to set an example to young and old, but what he is becoming, with the complicity of Proud groups, absolutely does not serve LGBT people as a whole. On the contrary, this arrogance and obstinacy in wanting to direct the image of who we are collectively is spoiling the positive aspects of what he had achieved before and during the games.

Mr. Rippon is not the first public figure to come out of the closet to give a positive example of gay fulfillment. We are still in 2018 and there are thousands of such examples today.

Think of Apple’s boss Tim Cook, CNN’s Anderson Cooper and Don Lemon, Ellen DeGeneres, Star Trek’s Zachary Quinto, and closer to Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne. animator Michel Jasmin and the worldly chronicler Michel Girouard. There are also thousands of artists, scientists, intellectuals and sportsmen who openly display their homosexuality and who do not claim a statue in the heart of Rome to live their daily lives.

An example of Mr. Rippon’s exaggerated manipulation of homosexuality is the Facebook page of the Carré Rose Collective, which shares several messages a day on Rippon such as « Adam Rippon: mom » would kill me « if i treated people the way that Donald Trump Has « , » Sally Fields dreams come true as Adam Rippon finally meets his son « , » Adam Rippon responds to being called America’s first ‘respected Fagot « or » Adam Rippon just won the gold medal in talk show interviews « while he was received by Ellen DeGeneres. It must be said that the site of the collective is renowned for its extreme militancy and that it is in excess so as to influence as much as possible and in a totally artificial way the public perception in general of LGBT communities.

Far from me the idea of ​​wanting to diminish the fulfillment of Adam Rippon, the public likes it and with the 64,000 members of his Facebook page, he demonstrates that he is able to be a good sport example to follow. What is feared, in my opinion, is that his new arrogance is causing a rebound effect in society that would spoil the positive aspects of what it represents. Prudence with the quickly acquired notoriety and manipulation!