Roger-Luc Chayer

Donald J. Trump, President
White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC 20500
United States

Mister President,

I am writing this open letter today to talk about the issue of LGBT communities, both in your beautiful country and around the world. If I do this, in the context of an edition of this magazine, it is because a lot of things are said in the media and on the Web in general about so-called « anti-gay » policies that would have originated in your administration.

Unlike the traditional positions of media and gay groups, which tend to condemn you loudly and loudly in the public square, without even bothering to corroborate the information they denounce, I decided to write to you for you. talk about our realities and our fears about what could also be mere rumors. In the same spirit, if you want to answer and talk to us, I offer you all the necessary space in these pages, upon receipt of your answer.

For years, on the issue of social rights and individual freedoms, the United States has been a great example to follow for many countries and governments. On both the issue of racial equality and the equality of homosexuals, even if everything does not seem perfect, your country has been a

leader and a powerful locomotive that commands respect and admiration. But since your election, and even during your election campaign, many voices have been raised to declare your social agenda and goals as « homophobic ». Some even went so far as to say that you were against marriage and equal rights for homosexuals and that you wanted to cancel recent progress on the issue.

Needless to say, these assertions are worrying not only for American homosexuals, but also for these people at the international level, because the example you give could inspire many other leaders to take the same actions and put policies in place. to reduce the rights of these people or even punish them even more severely for their difference. For our differences.

Even so, before I write to you and draw my conclusions, I have done quite extensive research on the White House website and have not been able to find any information about any policy targeting people. LGBT communities. I searched with the keywords « homosexual », « homosexuality », « gay », « trans », and « lesbian » and I found no mention of any policy whatsoever.

Of course, the same Google searches, with your name on it, give us hundreds of thousands of results, but we can not corroborate what seems to be serious insinuations, I agree.

Could it be, then, that all these insinuations, presented as facts, are only rumors propagated by groups interested in disseminating such information, such false news? From the fake news? I am personally very disturbed by the fact that past statements by the Vice-President have been associated with Nazism. I think everyone has the right to their opinions, but to consider the Vice-President of the United States as a Nazi, an equivalent of Adolf Hitler, is defamation and I do not endorse such statements that are done on behalf of LGBT communities.

Only one person is able to answer all that and you, Mr President!

You see, homosexuals are not responsible for what they are, they just exist naturally, it is obviously not their choice or their fault, but like any other person in your country and in your country. mine, they are equal to the straight and we can not act by considering LGBT people as inferior, depraved or a lesser moral.

I personally think that there is nothing very shocking for homosexuals to be able to unite lovingly and legally, to wish to adopt children, to have the right to pensions as surviving spouses or simply to exist peacefully in any way. equality before the law. Your country is an example of democracy and it is for this reason that I invite you, on the homosexual issue at least, to clarify your position in order to reassure these people, to reassure us, and treat us as a good father, protector and unifying.

In many countries where these rights have been improved, particularly in Europe, Canada and Oceania, not only have people in these communities developed more socially through egalitarian laws, so too has the society itself. as to the acceptance of LGBTs. Is it possible to believe that the President of the United States can be a good father for all and lead by example at the international level? I sincerely believe it. I say yes!

Thank you, Mr Trump, for reading this open letter which was sent to you before publication to allow you to answer it. It would be a historic first and this dialogue could do a lot of good in the heart of our communities. Yours …

But President Trump preferred
To not answer…
(Gay Globe Magazine)

Despite the skepticism of several interlocutors who constantly told us that we dreamed in color hoping for a response from the President of the United States, we were hopeful that he would open the dialogue on the LGBT issue with us, since he was very present in the news of his first year of presidency. Unfortunately, at the time of going to press, no answer had reached us despite the proof of delivery directly to the White House, as can be seen below.

He should have responded and taken the opportunity to clarify his speech and policies towards LGBT communities. Take the opportunity to reassure homosexuals about the strength of their hard-won social rights.

We do not know how our open letter was perceived, but it may also be a matter of circumstances, since since receiving our letter, the White House has been involved in many crises, significant resignations and particularly by the resignation of the Director of Communications of the White House, Hope Hicks, which was not to help things. If, by the best of luck, we should receive any communication after the publication of this edition of the magazine, we will hasten to publish it.