Roger-Luc Chayer

To speak first-class to the President of the United States is a daring act that has been on my mind for several months, mainly because of the bad press we are doing on the issue of LGBT communities. I could have covered this news, these rumors, these opinions and these analyzes sometimes very little expert, but on reflection, I decided to go there completely opposite the gay media in their usual treatment of all that revolves around Donald Trump. I told myself that if everyone was denouncing it all the time without ever bothering to engage in dialogue, at least try to corroborate everything that is said about the policies of the American President, that he was able to -being time to simply write to him to tell him about our realities, but especially our worries about too many affirmations substantiated. And that’s what I did on February 23rd. I sent the President a copy of the magazine, the cover that was dedicated to him and an English translation of my open letter inviting him to answer it if he wished. Mr. Trump certainly needs to improve his image in LGBT communities, and if he decides to answer, that would be a good move, right?