By: Ivan

Soon the regime will come to us, for those who protested, for those who just said « NO WAR ». Yes, that simple, you can be arrested, beaten up, and imprisoned just for a simple pin or print on your clothes – or even for having blue and yellow clothes. Orwell’s « 1984 » is our reality. Our last free channel, TRain, will soon be destroyed, YouTube will be blocked, and the truth in Russia will definitely die.

But that’s not all for me, as a gay guy l’m already under oppression here in Russia, but now all LGBT+ people will be forced back in closet and true hateful crimes against us will start.

The only thing I ask of you: please don’t forget that we were against the war, we supported freedom and the right to be ourselves, and that’s why they came for us.

Please, if you can, don’t be silent, spread the truth to stop this war, and don’t forget we are not monsters, not all of us. I love you all. Spread the truth, spread the love, protect the freedom!