Editorial Gay Globe #147

Roger-Luc Chayer

Joseph Robinette Biden of his real name is the 46th President of the United States and the most progressive in history. Not only as President does he intervene directly, with his exclusive powers, in several areas concerning LGBT people, he openly encourages his government to consider LGBT people in all decisions that are taken. He has made the defense of sexual minorities a strong focus of his domestic policy, as well as internationally, by appointing a special White House attaché, openly gay, responsible for the harmonization of American policy.

While serving as Vice President from 2009 to 2017 under President Obama, he was equally proactive on the issue of HIV. It was then, but even more so today, that Joe Biden imposed his inclusive policy on several countries and heads of state, particularly in Africa, in order to link American aid to respect for human rights and sexual minorities. Several countries initially rebelled against this foreign interference until the President reminded them that these are US dollars and that it directly concerns the United States.

Joe Biden influences and sets an example by going so far as to appoint Pete Buttigieg, openly gay, married and dad to the very prestigious post of Minister of Transport. A bold gesture, like many others, which earned him all our admiration and gratitude and which could only provide him with our cover.