A people of ignorants who want to dominate the world!

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Opinion: Roger-Luc Chayer (Image: Wikipedia & Gay Globe)


Yes, I know, I’m starting off strong, but it’s not like I have a choice! Let me begin with a conclusion: the American people are ignorant and they want to dominate the world. Why am I making such serious claims, you might ask?

The French New Popular Front is communist according to some American medias

When the leftist New Popular Front partially won the French legislative elections on July 8, 2024, American commentators, those great scholars, immediately reacted. While they accused Marine Le Pen’s National Rally of being a fascist party, they panickedly cried out that France was going socialist, if not outright communist, with some even comparing what was happening in France to the worst years behind the Iron Curtain in East Germany, Romania, or Poland. But where did they get such calamitous ideas? Can we talk about ignorance or intellectual dishonesty?

The French left is far from being communist, one doesn’t need a Nobel Prize to know that. François Mitterrand, the great President of the French Republic who led the country for 14 years, was a socialist. While Eastern Europe was crumbling under Soviet bankruptcy and the measures put in place by various openly communist governments of Trotskyist lineage, François Mitterrand was gently sorting things out for the French people, restoring much respect and dignity to them, not to mention his other local and international political accomplishments.

François Mitterrand was responsible for abolishing the death penalty in 1981. Under his tenure, the workweek was reduced to 39 hours and the retirement age lowered to 60, reflecting his desire to reform the labor world and enhance social welfare, hence the term « socialist ». He was also responsible for projects like the National Library of France, the Opéra Bastille, the Grande Arche de la Défense, and the Louvre Pyramid. For a supposed communist, he had grand ideas indeed, Mr. President! In short, socialism is something absolutely incomprehensible to a nation that ruins its inhabitants with medical fees covered almost everywhere else in the civilized world. In this first example, Americans are truly too ignorant to lead the world, aren’t they?

Recent Decision of the Supreme Court on Trump’s Immunity

In June 2024, the United States Supreme Court made a historic decision recognizing some immunity for former President Donald Trump regarding actions allegedly committed while in office, causing a wave of concern worldwide, and rightfully so. Could a sitting president simply order the assassination of a foreign head of state or lead a drug trafficking network, all with impunity? Many questions arise.

However, thanks again to numerous media commentators speaking about what they do not know, some then asserted that « if an American president had immunity, it would mean he would become a king and the United States would become a constitutional monarchy, » implying this would be negative. Really?

Frankly, such reasoning is pitiful. Let’s talk about republics and constitutional monarchies around the world. Did you know that, with few exceptions, the vast majority of constitutional monarchies in the world in 2024 are examples of democracies? Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Monaco, Liechtenstein, Belgium, Norway, Sweden, Luxembourg, Thailand, Japan, Denmark, Spain, the Netherlands, and many more.

On the other hand, there are more troubled republics, starting with our ignorant neighbor to the south, the United States. Except for a few rare exceptions like France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and several other European countries, a republic does not guarantee democracy, just ask the Haitians. There’s North Korea, Syria, Belarus, China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and the list goes on.

So when I hear these media, commentators, and people in the United States continually repeat these absurdities, as if they were the center of the world, it infuriates me because it’s false and the world doesn’t need ignorance today, but intelligence. As for the United States, they have much to reconsider…

Some will say not to generalize. Okay…………