A Tempo Records will distribute its « Bio » CD by an international online distributor

Gay Globe Media

A Tempo Records, the music division of Gay Globe Media Group, will be launching its « Bio » CD, but this time in a digital version and will use Cdbaby’s services for its international distribution. « So far, Bio was our only creation that had never been marketed because it had been licensed to a chain of smoking cessation clinics as a relaxation tool. This contract being finished for a long time and seeing the popularity of the product still today on the web (more than 5000 CDs were distributed and over 10,000 files downloaded for free), it seemed commercially interesting to launch the product internationally and make it available on both Amazon and Spotify, and all other online music services, « says Roger-Luc Chayer, publisher and owner of A Tempo Records.

« Bio » was recorded at the Montreal Biodome, in the tropical section, by a very high-level digital technology, at night, while the doors were closed and only animals and insects spoke. The finished product is extraordinarily clear and you can hear the birds talking to each other, the very active night insects and in the distance, a waterfall, all constituting a wonderful moment of relaxation that all adults as children, will enjoy listening. The 58-minute file is on sale at a special price of $ 2.99 on Cdbaby.com (search « Bio »), the exclusive international distributor of A Tempo Records.