Roger-Luc Chayer

I’m used to interviews of all kinds, being a journalist since 1993, but the one presented by journalist and author Jean-Philippe Bernié was very new to me. Indeed, I took on a rather particular challenge, that of answering the most personal questions about me and accepting the final article without the right to look at the content or the form. Obviously, it opens the door to questions quite intimate that Mr. Bernie did not transmit to me beforehand and that gives the result that you can read on pages 5 and 6 of this edition.

I must admit, I was scared that the questions went too far, that the journalist came to search secret places of my conscience, but it was the game. The readers and subscribers were invited to send suggestions of questions by email, but Jean-Philippe, being author of detective novels, I had no concern for his ideas questions.

So I hope that with the final article you will discover, or rediscover the publisher of Gay Globe Group and enjoy reading the work of my editorial assistant.