Australian senator says LGBT people are sexual deviants, perverts and child abusers


Australian senator Fraser Anning embarked on a shocking anti-LGBT rant on the floor of the country’s senate on Tuesday, likening LGBT people to perverts and sexual deviants.
Anning, from the fringe hardline Katter’s Australian Party, made the incendiary comments while taking the floor to discuss an LGBT-inclusive anti-bullying programme called Safe Schools.

He said: “Fifty years ago, if a communist pervert had proposed that our nation’s children be forced to listen to sexually deviant propaganda, they would probably have been strung up.
“Today, this disgusting garbage is called the Safe Schools program, and its leading exponents hold comfortable government funded positions.

“However, the fact is, schools have never been less safe and the main risk to children is the so-called Safe Schools programme.

“Let us be very clear: This program is not about bullying or any of the other nonsense that is claimed to try to justify it.”
Anning’s comments echoed the thoughts of anti-LGBT activists in Australia who want to censor content from Safe Schools lessons, claiming that LGBT+ people have ‘infiltrated’ schools to groom children.
He claimed: “When the schools that we trust to look after our children force them at a pre-sexual age to discuss sexual concepts about which they have no understanding, and even, disgustingly, engage in homosexual role-playing, this is simply institutionalised child abuse.
“It is also a gross betrayal of childhood innocence. What is most incredible is that state governments would allow this despicable material to be taught in schools.”

Anning continued: “There is no greater proof of the moral bankruptcy and political depravity confronting our nation.
“First, prepubescent children should not have any sexual dimension to their lives and should not have any kind of sexual preference at all.
“Secondly, even when they do sexually mature in their mid to late teens, their sexuality should be a personal, private matter and certainly not something for left-wing social engineers to meddle with.”

He claimed that “innocent children as young as five are exposed to radical transgender theory” in the lessons.
Anning vented: “Well, I can tell you whether you’re male or female. If you have two X chromosomes, you’re female, and, if you have an X and a Y chromosome, you’re male. Whomever you identify with—whether, as a boy, you put on a dress and totter around in high heels or whether, as a girl, you dress up in a man’s suit and tie—it makes no difference.
“Even if you start having bits chopped off, you are actually only deluding yourself. You are and remain until the day you die either male or female, as God made you.”

Anning continued to accuse transgender people of being part of a Marxist plot.

He said: “A Marxist state could be achieved by cultural revolution,” citing a theory that “ethnic and religious minorities, radical feminists, sexual deviants, third world immigrants and antisocial criminals could take the place of the proletariat to create a post-communist revolution, deconstructing traditional values and promoting anything that undermined traditional morality, family, capitalism, nationalism, patriotism, tradition or sexual normality.”
The speech was eventually cut off when Anning hit the chamber’s time limit, but the politician subsequently tweeted: “The real goal of the Safe Schools Commo perverts is absolutely nothing to do with safety in schools or compassion.
“It’s all about destroying the traditional fabric of our society, corrupting our youth and creating Gramsci’s nightmare vision of a Marxist utopia.”
Anning’s party leader Bob Katter previously gave an angry interview defending him after he gave a separate speech advocating a ‘Final Solution’ to immigration.
The Final Solution was the Nazi plan for the extermination of the Jews during World War II.

Katter is notorious for his own extreme comments, comparing same-sex marriage to crocodile attacks.
He also accused homosexuals of ‘taking’ the word gay from straight people.