Roger-Luc Chayer

I am very pleased to talk to you about condoms and lubricants today because technology is moving so fast that not only are there hundreds of varieties on the market for every taste, there are more and more products for to be fun and stimulating, far from conventional condoms that looked much more like prostheses than membranes. Let us first mention that the condom, more than ever, is the only product that protects almost 100% against all diseases, viruses, bacteria that can be caught by the erogenous pathways. We often talk about gono, HIV or syphilis, but we forget the HPV responsible for cases of throat cancer or everyday bacteria that can also settle where the navel loses its name!

My last visit to La Capoterie de Montréal was like a child in front of a huge display of candy. Everywhere colors, flavors, textures, not to mention all formats as exceptional as they are, I was in the temple of protection and absolute pleasure! Nevertheless, no one is left alone to look for and we always find advisers who know everything about condoms, various lubricants and have an unparalleled professional sense. In fact, if you want to think outside the box, try new condoms made of non-latex or those so thin that it feels like nothing. We can buy individually or in bulk and it is very important to talk about the use we want to do with a professional, because we can avoid an accident! I recommend you visit the website before your first visit at and then go to finalize your experience. Believe me, I have not found anything else that is as complete as La Capoterie.


Who has never been terrified of going to the local pharmacy to buy condoms? Let’s face it, it happened to everyone and it’s probably because it’s a public place where people walk down the aisles and as soon as someone starts looking at the condoms , take a look to see the kind, the size!

In my early twenties, just minutes from the closing of a pharmacy in Saint-Léonard, I come to get condoms but, not having too much experience, I had to discreetly try to choose which model would be the most what quality and what price! Not wanting to make me see, I went quickly presto, I hurried to pay the prescriptions and I fled with the bag. But when I get home, I discover that the box is empty, because at the time we removed the contents of the boxes because of the theft. I hurry and run away to the pharmacy, which had just closed, but an employee was standing at the door to get the last customers out. I quietly ask the employee to let me in to do an exchange, he asks me why, I whisper in his ear that the box was empty and rather than going to ask the boss, he starts shouting « Hey , the gentleman here (pointing at me) bought his box of condoms that was empty, can he go back to fill it? « Oh Lord!

Obviously, thanks to La Capoterie, these situations do not happen to me anymore because they are great professionals. Customers only go for that. No embarrassment, ask for advice, it’s like going to the doctor!