Roger-Luc Chayer

For the past few days in Quebec, several merchants have been circulating the idea of ​​regrouping within a movement of civil disobedience in the face of the health decrees of both Quebec and Ottawa. They are essentially restaurateurs and representatives of large-scale businesses such as hardware stores, etc.

According to their theory, they would like to no longer respect customer limits or vaccination passport checks, let everyone enter restaurants at full capacity, while keeping certain other rules like wearing a mask when traveling domestically, but essentially , they would like to no longer respect the rules that limit their income and their economic activities.

For the moment, governments have not yet decided on what could be interpreted as a threat, but before acting, these people would benefit from knowing the consequences of their decisions for themselves, for their employees, for their customers. and for society in general. If the current decrees are put in place by cities, the Government of Quebec or that of Canada, it is to help us collectively face a health crisis unique in our history and to allow us, in the long term, to regain control. of the situation and of our lives. Going it alone as a trader, breaking the law, certainly does the community a disservice.

For example, let’s imagine a Delta outbreak at the « So-and-so » Restaurant, which would result in infecting 3 on-site customers and two employees who, in turn, would infect their families, friends and others in the company to culminate with 300 cases including 25 dead and many disabled for life.

This is the potential consequence of a disobedience of a single institution. Imagine if dozens, or even hundreds of businesses decided to follow the movement…

There would also be the financial consequences. Failure to comply with health instructions would allow police authorities or CNESST inspectors to issue hefty fines and could also lead some bosses to prison! Employees who agree to work for a business that does not respect the law could also be subject to fines that could have serious consequences in their lives.

This is why the vast majority of businesses affected by the confinement linked to the pandemic or by a temporary change in the mores of customers must continue to respect what they are asked to do while obviously receiving financial support to help them switch to through the viral storm. And it is collectively that we will emerge from this situation, as « a kind of great people », as René Lévesque said!