Roger-Luc Chayer

When the Sultan of Brunei, this little Asian state applying the
Sharia, announced that a law promulgated 5 years ago was finally going
to be implemented as early as April of this year and would allow
to EXECUTE by LAPIDATION recognized persons
guilty of homosexuality, the American actor George Clooney
immediately attacked to defend body and soul
people from LGBT communities in danger of death.
When one bears George Clooney’s name, the consequences of
the attack are much more important than one might think. It is
thanks to George that we know today that the Sultan, one of
richest men in the world, owns several hotels and
luxury companies around the world. Even before
the most deadly and most medieval law enforcement of
Islam, George has launched a public call to boycott businesses
of the Sultan and was not afraid to get wet so that not only
the law is canceled, but we do not target any more, wherever
that is, sexual minorities simply because of their preferences
love. The list of companies that are the subject of the boycott is
long and very prestigious. The Dorchester (London) hotels,
45 Park Lane (London), Coworth Park (United Kingdom), The BeverlyHills Hotel (Beverly Hills), Bel-Air Hotel (Los Angeles), Le Meurice
(Paris), Hotel Plaza Athenee (Paris), Hotel Eden (Rome) and Hotel
Principe di Savoia (Milan) are targeted and already, the different directions
of these establishments are starting to smell hot soup
to the point where, for some, they prefer to dissociate themselves from the new
law. Some of these hotels use many
gay people. Never mind, every dollar that comes in
not in these hotels is a dollar that does not go in the pockets
of the Sultan.
The Minister of Justice of Brunei has tried to explain, by
communicated that the law only applied to Muslims,
there he demonstrated the stupidity of Sharia thought! Since when
is it okay to run a gay Muslim?
The boycott is already starting to produce its effects. The Beverly
Hills Hotel has laid off staff and
other hotels are thinking of closing, the time to let the
crisis. A crisis created from scratch by the Sultan of a kingdom
seriously ill. With the help of George Clooney, lives will be
certainly saved, and for that we tell him « Thank you friend! »