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Cancer, HIV … Fatal diseases soon to be cured with messenger RNA?

According to Nouvel Obs – mRNA here, mRNA there … Who, two years ago, had heard of « messenger ribonucleic acid »? Since this molecule arms the most effective anti-Covid vaccines, the acronym that designates it has entered everyday vocabulary. While the existence and function of this molecular complex have until now been known only to biology buffs, mRNA has invaded the media, political speeches and pub conversations. You haven’t finished hearing about it!

deep learning: an app could help diagnose HIV

According to – A research team of experts from the Africa Health Research Institute and University College London have harnessed artificial intelligence to improve the ability of health workers to diagnose HIV. To do this, its members used deep learning algorithms that they combined with immunochromatography, a technique for diagnosing patients with HIV, but also more recently with COVID-19. This finding could improve the ability to interpret screening test results in underdeveloped countries.

Watching television for several hours increases the risk of sleep apnea

According to – Increasingly efficient TV screens, streaming platforms in spades, everything is done to screw us on the couch. However, if you spend several hours in front of the television and, moreover, you are not motivated by physical activity, your sedentary lifestyle can play nasty tricks on you: according to a study, you will increase the risk of sleep apnea, source of fatigue and cardiovascular disease …

Smoking weed decreases male fertility

According to – « This is one of the first studies showing a decline in sperm quality in former and current marijuana smokers compared to non-smokers, » reports Omer Raheem, urology researcher.

Together with his colleagues, they analyzed the semen of 409 men who presented for an infertility assessment in Washington state, USA. This represents a significant bias. It is not known whether the semen changes that take place as a result of marijuana use are reversible and whether there is a specific amount of time required to achieve sperm recovery after stopping marijuana use.