Edward Sanger

The procedures for name and gender changes are more accessible. The process remains the same: tell your story and fight the battles to succeed.
During a training at GRIS Estrie, I met several inspiring people. Among them, I met Charlie. A student at the University of Sherbrooke, in search of obtaining his law degree, Charlie is non-binary and “gender fluid”.
To be gender fluid means, during the course of life, to oscillate between genders without identifying with one of them. This varies for each person depending on how they feel about their gender identity and gender expression.
“Initially, I had a large chest. I hated that part of my body. When I was 16, I had an operation. Before I cried, but now I am very happy. I like my chest, although I sometimes hide it on days when I feel more masculine. »
At 24 Charlie tuned in more to explore his gender expression. It was at 26 that he proudly announced that he was non-binary. Gender dysphoria can cause anxiety, depression or irritability. That was the case with Charlie for his chest. After the breast reduction operation, he went from a double D size to a B size.

“The scars have adapted well. Discovering my new chest, I was happy to have a size that I liked. I was overwhelmed with happiness. »
Additionally, through an emotional addiction-themed support group, Charlie was able to achieve a big win.

“Through listening, compassion and their stories, I was on a euphoric cloud. After a moment of lucidity, I shouted in my car that I was not a woman. Two days later, I came out about my gender identity. »
On his way, Charlie took steps to get a name change in his civil records. This can be requested by administrative or judicial means, for various reasons such as the ridiculousness of a name, the complicated pronunciation, a surname used without being on the birth certificate or the evocation of psychological harm.
“Only my student card has been changed. For psychological reasons, my doctor and my sexologist supported me in my efforts. Now I am waiting to receive the name change verdict. If it is rejected, I will defend myself in class. In the worst case, I will have to wait 5 years for my wish to be granted. But I remain confident for the future.”
Through his support and that of those close to him (his father gave him a tip on how to meet an endocrinologist), Charlie was able to understand himself in order to make changes to his happiness.
In the future, he aspires to become a youth crime lawyer and also be able to help LGBT+ immigrants.
« It’s okay to ask questions. Making a change is not giving yourself a label, on the contrary, it is self-recognition to allow you to open up to people instead of shutting yourself up in a being that is unknown to us.