Hello Gay Globe, it’s strange, but every time I try to follow the link to the Gay Globe site, which I receive as a subscriber, I always come to a page that says that the Gay Globe site is un- secure and warns me about potentially dangerous software. I always have to take the risk then to continue and that annoys me. Do you have a solution?
Robert B., Montreal-Village

Hello Robert, you are not the first reader to report the situation to me and yes, we have the solution. You should use an antivirus probably Avast or Kaspersky both of which have a “Virtual Private Network” (or VPN if you prefer) enabled.

With both of these software, when the VPN is enabled, it throws an error message which is a known bug. Solution? Disable your VPN and you will immediately have access to the Gay Globe page and you will be able to notice that it is also secure for readers, because it has its security certificate and it begins with the famous https://, the “s” meaning “secure”. So!
Roger-Luc Chayer, editor

Mr. Chayer, I would like to highlight the intellectual achievement and all my admiration following the reading of your most recent editorial on Gay Pride and the link you make with the Ukrainian people and their president. If anyone ever needed to know what Gay Pride is for these days, it’s by reading your editorial that they’ll understand. This text should also deserve a prize or an award.
Amélie R., Mascouche

Dear Amélie, the reactions were numerous following this editorial which I was eager to publish, because I wanted it to be still relevant with a Ukraine still standing and proud of what it does and what it is. I succeeded in my bet. But I have already received the reward I wanted, your mail and the reaction of other readers, that is more than enough for me. Thank you for your kind words.
Roger-Luc Chayer, editor

Hello, often when I read your columnists, I have questions to which I do not know the answers. Is it possible to send our questions sometimes so that they answer with their chronicles?
Julien V., Quebec

Hello Julien, yes of course, it is quite possible to do it and readers do it regularly. For example, I often receive questions for Doctor Réjean Thomas, all the columns on hypnosis are in response to questions from readers and occasionally, Maître Claude Chamberland takes advantage of a question from a reader to make a legal column. . Do not hesitate to send me your questions at, I will be happy to pass them on to our columnists and journalists.
Roger-Luc Chayer, editor

Tell Edward Sanger that his article on the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence introduced me to this group that I had absolutely no knowledge of. I loved it, thank you!
Antoine F., Montreal

Hello Antoine, Edward will be informed of your message, he will be delighted I am sure, but you will surely have noticed that he has repeated the subject in this edition, with the Sisters with Montreal sauce? I hope you like this second text and thank you for your comment. Edward is almost new to Gay Globe, it will make him happy!
Roger-Luc Chayer, editor
I think you should address the issue of suicide, because these days I hear about many cases of suicide among LGBT people and maybe talking about it would be good for many?
Bruce M., Montreal

Hello Bruce, the subject is very interesting and topical, I recently spoke about it with a partner of the magazine who confirmed the situation to me. However, there is an ethical problem with this subject and it comes from a kind of convention between the media to the effect that we avoid talking about these situations as much as possible so as not to give ideas to fragile people. But there is currently a problem and there are clearly solutions for many who do not know these solutions. We are thinking of a way to handle this news, thank you for your suggestion.
Roger-Luc Chayer, editor

I would like to ask you for advice, because I am a very shy person, I live in a village in the region and I am fully aware that I have problems that prevent me from living my gay life normally, it depresses me a lot. Do you know a clinic or a CLSC or a service that could help me by phone without giving my identity? I’m very afraid of being recognized. Thanks.
Anonymous ID., Canada East

There are indeed services that can help you. I would recommend you start with Line Spacing which can guide you exactly where it is needed for you. Their site is at, the listening line and the text message service are at 1-888-505-1010 and their email is Hope you find all the help you need. It’s free and confidential, no need to name yourself.
Roger-Luc Chayer, editor