Roger-Luc Chayer

For this edition of the magazine, I decided to hack, with the authorization of Doctor Réjean Thomas, his chronicle page to tell you about something that concerns him directly and that it is important to discover or know. This is the website of Clinique l’Actuel, of which Réjean is the founder.

Why speak today specifically of the clinic site? Because it contains a bank of information that results directly from the experience of the last 38 years, not only that of Doctor Thomas, but that of his doctors, nurses, psychologists and other associated specialists.

More specifically, the Clinique l’Actuel is a center of excellence in sexual health affiliated with the University of Montreal. L’Actuel’s expertise is not only more targeted and specialized, it is also taught.

On the homepage of the site, we can read « One of the fundamental principles of modern medicine is based on patient education, to help him better understand the nature of his infection and thus better equip him to treat , control or prevent disease. We are also aware that under the effect of surprise, shock or fear, certain information and explanations may not be retained; these chapters are therefore intended to be an important complement to the medical visit, even an aide-memoire, or even a lead in the evaluation of clinical symptoms. »

You can find topics on the website that you can’t find anywhere else, such as a section on sexual health and prevention with a long list of conditions and diseases with symptoms, how to prevent them and above all, how to treat these infections. The list is comprehensive and there is also a detailed explanation of each screening method.

What is also interesting is that we offer these explanations in a very friendly way, with a positive angle and above all, from an LGBT perspective. We are therefore addressed specifically by recognizing our diversity, our differences and our fears, such as how to tell a patient about HIV. The “Living with HIV” section is also one of the most complete that I have seen in my experience. All the stages of the disease are explained there, but also the treatments, the follow-up and the solutions.

The site also offers related services that I didn’t even know existed such as a specialized chiropractor, a podiatry service, psychotherapy and even a sexology service, because in the logic of sexual health for LGBT communities, all these aspects are an integral part of our health.

There is also a clinical research service, under the direction of Doctor Jason Szabo and I will let you in on a secret… L’Actuel is responsible for many discoveries and applications in the field of HIV, hepatitis and other STBBIs. Great, isn’t it? For any question on sexual health, but especially to have professional and complete answers, the visit of the website of the Actuel is a must and its address is: