Roger-Luc Chayer

I decided to write this article after being downright cheated by someone posing as a wholesaler in telecommunications, independent of companies, and because it took me a month to shake off his scheming.

It all started when I saw an ad on Facebook about the high cost of telecommunications services, when I myself was trying to get rid of my current provider who was charging me $ 232 per month for 4 services. So I contacted this David at a number in (819) and at first he seemed to know the subject very well. He told me that he was independent, that he would shop for me in all the services offered in Quebec and that he was only paid, on commission, if his proposal was accepted and I signed a contract. with a new supplier. So far, everything was perfect. In less than 4 hours, he contacted me again to make me an offer with Bell Canada at $ 140 per month, in addition to two free months of cell phone, a prepaid VISA card of $ 250 as a bonus and that the rate was guaranteed without increase as long as I didn’t budge with the services. Very interested, I asked him to send me the quote.

To get the quote, he had to ask Bell to contact me to validate the offer, and that’s when he connected me to a Bell employee. She insisted on having a theoretical visit date for the installer technician and I demanded to receive the quote before confirming my decision. So she set a date two weeks later and told me she was emailing me the quote. Days went by without ever receiving anything until one day my current provider emailed me to let me know they had finished my services 3 days later. WHAT?? I hadn’t even received or decided anything yet and Bell had told my supplier that I was leaving! I texted the wholesaler several times to tell him to send me the quote, which he never did despite his repeated commitments. When I decided to contact Bell directly to put an end to all this, I was thrown across the country, without ever being able to speak to me in French, telling me that the contract had been accepted. and that a first cell phone bill for $ 100 had been issued. All of this was clearly a fraud, the exact perpetrator of which is still unknown to me. I spent hours on the phone for several days with over 15 different people to break this dastardly way of getting clients. When I telephoned this David directly to demand that he take care of it, I came across his answering machine that said, “Thank you for contacting Bell Canada.” So he was not an independent wholesaler, but a salesperson. disguised. 2 months later, Equifax informed me that a new account was created in my credit file by Bell Canada, but the balance was at $ 0. So I invite the victims of this scheme to file a fraud complaint with the police, which is what I will do if I see any movement in my credit report from Bell.

Finally, upon checking this David a little more, I discovered that he had no office, address, or company. An invisible wolf!