Hello Gay Globe, I searched for the two pages of the novel The Best of the Worlds which was published by episodes in the magazine, but I did not find them in the last review. Is there a reason?
(Marie Z., Laval)

Hello Marie, yes it’s purely for lack of space. For years now, we have been publishing novels, by episodes as you say, and this appealed to some readers, but the problem is that at each edition, we always had to keep certain publications for lack of space. However, as the published novels were free of rights and they are available in their entirety on the web, it was decided to stop the publication of these novels, but to offer them for free on our website in PDF. The Best of Worlds can be downloaded from the following link

Beautiful magazine, elegant and well written, filled with interesting and useful articles, often! Bravo.
(Violaine P., Montreal)

Thank you Violaine, what more? Except that the end result comes from teamwork and passion drives our decisions.

We meet often and I love our short exchanges, I liked your edition 134, especially the article on the Bourbon, my boyfriend and I have an eye on this project. I’ll talk to you about it when we meet again …
(Mathieu P., Rigaud)

I can not wait to find out what your plan is with the Bourbon, I hope to see you soon.
(Roger-Luc Chayer, Writing)

I do not know if your graphic artist is an artist in the field of art or aesthetics, but your covers are hard to beat, you only produce great wines, it’s impressive.
(Hyacinth C., Quebec)

The publisher of the magazine is usually the only person who deals with the selection of covers and the visual processing of photos. Until recently, the editor had enlisted the services of a fashion designer, Mr. Rémi Tamimount-Roy to vary the presentations and the styles, but since last November, the publisher assumes again this important responsibility, because the cover of a magazine is the most important element of its marketing. It is a kind of advertising poster that must include all the necessary elements for readers to feel tempted to take it. And the rest of the work is inside. Thank you for your comment.

Mr. Chayer, you often make me laugh with the humorous turn of some of your lyrics, especially when you share your personal experiences as in the article on condoms of your Bourbon edition. Return to the pharmacy because the box of condoms was empty, needed courage: O)))))
(André N., Terrebonne)

Just to read you and the laughter takes me again, but that of embarrassment! Thank you for your comment, André.

I’m a fan of your old movies on GGTV and I was wondering if it was possible to make special requests for some classic movies? I have some suggestions.
(Manolo PV, Montreal)

Only once has it been possible to respond favorably to a request and it was by pure chance. It should be noted that the films that are featured on Gay Globe TV at, Movies section, are all copyright free or broadcast licensed. Copyright varies by country, but generally speaking, according to the conventions in most western countries, films become public domain, that is, they lose the protection of the right to author only, not moral rights, after 50 years. There are many websites that offer these films free of charge for broadcast, and that’s where GGTV gets its supply for its programming. Propose a classic movie does not really serve much if the film is not in the public domain. Sorry…