Roger-Luc Chayer

Do not confuse the great Katharine and the great Catherine, the first being a Hollywood mega star while the second was an Empress of Russia. But in their own way, the two tall ladies watched the world with a scathing eye. They were not afraid of men or tragedies, these two great ladies.

Katharine Hepburn, who has no family connection with American actress Audrey Hepburn, has been a major figure in American cinema since her first films. It was continually distinguished by its natural, severe and sharp divisions. In all roles throughout her career as well as in her life, Katharine Hepburn was herself, disarmingly natural to the producers who knew exactly what to expect when they entrusted a film to this actress. But Katharine also had the same clarity in her private life, she who shared his heart with women, and it was known everywhere! And the funniest part of the case is that she often shared the spotlight with her « official » husband actor Spencer Tracy, who was also bisexual and did not hide it. In his book Kate: The Woman Who Was Hepburn, William J. Mann questions her sexuality and says she prefers the sexual companionship of women.

Mann mentions Scotty, a man who arranged meetings and provided partners to the gay community in Hollywood, having sex with Tracy, and introduced nearly 150 sexual partners to Hepburn. Scotty Bowers, pimp and prostitute, tells in his book Full Service that Hepburn saw most of them only once or twice; however, there was one notable exception: a 17-year-old woman named Barbara. She will see Barbara again for forty-nine years. Three months before Katharine Hepburn’s death in June 2003, Barbara, married three times during this period, received a letter from her lawyers, accompanied by a check for $ 100,000. For being a landmark for homosexual women, we are dedicating our # 135 cover!