Roger-Luc Chayer

On January 17, Gay Globe Media received an email invitation from EU BUSINESS REGISTER, based in the Netherlands, to submit its information to be included in the register that the company claims to hold. Also according to this company, this register would serve all Europeans, corporations as individuals, to know the services offered by other companies and business eventually. For example, a corporation wishing to advertise its products in a gay Canadian media could enter into a contract if our media was properly referenced in the registry.

The idea was tempting, we register regularly with registers on the Internet and that can only help our visibility. However, it was while preparing to fill the boxes of the form and to sign it that I noticed contradictory information which could potentially cost us dearly.

The form is presented to us as an update of information and we see on the right at the top, in bold, that the update is free and that we must sign the form only if we wish an insertion. Until then perfect, the insertion we are offered will be free as it is an update. I did not remember making a previous application but there are thousands of SEO sites that act with robots and index websites automatically.

It is by reading the lowercase characters of the bottom paragraph, almost illegible because it is written in a very condensed way with both the characters and the short spacings, the para

graph leaves no room for interpretation. It is mentioned that if we return the signed document, it becomes a contract and the insertion costs the sum of 995 Euros, about $ 1400 CAD. Whew, what is this scam?

So I opened an investigation on this company and it appears that it is actually referenced 18,100 times just on Google but not as a register, but as a fraudulent scam designed to extract large sums of money with information precisely contradictory or illegible. These alerts are international and most government sites clearly mention that it is a fraud. Some browsers like Firefox even refuse to access their web page with the mention that the site is classified as dangerous.

I was still able to access the company’s website by anonymous means and I discovered that there seemed to be an international registry except that by wanting to conduct a company search in France, Air France, the register mentions that there are 5 registrations and that to obtain the information, it is necessary to pay between 10 $ and 35 $. What a scam skillfully mounted because on all sides, this patante is only used to extract money.

It is very important not to respond to or respond to requests from this so-called registry that have been circulating by email for several months in Canada, because once the form is signed and the payment made, it is impossible to cancel the transaction. According to the representative of MasterCard consulted in the context of our investigation, there is a contract and a transaction. CAUTION!