He really had us all the bad boy

Roger-Luc Chayer

The investigation of the Office of the Inspector General (BIG) of the City of Montreal has just submitted its investigation report on the electrical formula of 2017 and the conclusions are more than disturbing. Not only are there many irregularities in the awarding of contracts and the overall management of the event, former Mayor Coderre would also be personally responsible for the ensuing fiasco and bankruptcy.

But there is nothing surprising about it, Gay Globe had noticed, rather quickly during the first and only mandate of Mr. Coderre, that his management was riddled with more than surprising decisions, which could find origin only in the desire to rule the Metropolis as a principality of which he would be the only ruler!

As Mr. Coderre has almost announced a possible return to the head of Montreal in the next municipal elections, let’s go right back to what Gay Globe had published the year before the last election, under the chronicles « Denis, must we talk to each other « and » Denis, do not do that!  » After all, if the memory of the voters is short, it is the duty of the media to remind them why they fired the Prince of Montreal after a single term.

$ 1 Billion for Montreal’s 375th, remember? The Jacques Cartier Bridge illuminated as misery reigns over Montreal and this money would have been much more useful to build social housing and to help the poorest people directly. It does not eat lights or animated giants. This budget was up to the ego of the character! And the Village still has the same sacred problem of homelessness.

Clear cutting of old trees in Parc Jean-Drapeau, this one hurt the image of Montreal as well as Montrealers who, as part of this same work, did not have access to the pools Olympic Park. Killing trees to pour concrete has been out of fashion for years …

Closures of St-Hubert and St-Denis Streets for major works. How many « mea culpa » served Mr. Coderre when it was so simple to better organize these works while avoiding condemning these streets, as is the case with St. Catherine Street West for 2 years (decision taken by Coderre). It should be noted that these decisions have cost traders a lot, even today, business closures are important and bankruptcies are numerous.

Two-sided face, Mr. Coderre, on the one hand, banned the carriages in Montreal claiming that it was bad for the horses, while allowing the holding of a rodeo, to the chagrin of the SPCA which declared precisely that the Rodeos were traumatic for both horses and oxen. Following legal recourse, Mr. Coderre had announced that the rodeo was not going to come back in 2018!

Here are a few examples, and there are dozens of others, that we should not forget about here in the next municipal election, because Mr. Coderre seems to be interested in representing himself, while painting an apology and explanations of his decisions and his way of acting. Montreal needed a mayor, not an emperor thinking of the head of a puppet principality. I do not know what will result from the administration Plant, but will have to think twice before putting Denis 1st in power!