PrEP and STD

Roger-Luc Chayer

The occurrence of PrEP has been a revolution in the management mode
the spread of HIV in recent years. But there
that statistical studies done both in North America
Europe proves that PrEP indirectly
massive increase in transmission of other STIs (infections
sexually transmitted) mainly in the general population
gay men. The most concerned infections are Chlamydia,
Hepatitis A, B and C or Syphilis.
According to the website of Clinique l’Actuel in Montreal, « prophylaxis
Pre-exposure (PrEP) is for uninfected people
but highly exposed to HIV and involves taking a combination
two antiretrovirals to reduce the risk of infection.  »
It is therefore a preventive treatment that must be followed and respected
in a very thorough way so that it can be effective at a rate
by almost 96%. To achieve an almost perfect protection of
100%, it is recommended to use the condom at the same time as
PrEP, but that’s where the problem manifests itself.
For many people who have an active sex life,
the idea of ​​taking PrEP was to protect against
HIV or accidental transmission precisely without having to use
the condom. For these patients, the idea of ​​no longer resorting to
condom is so strong that PrEP is a protection for them
foolproof. But this is the case only against HIV!
From the moment we reject the condom, we become susceptible
to contract dozens of diseases and conditions that
are not covered by PrEP. Infections once well
controlled like Chlamydia come back in strength and we talk
now of a super-chlamydia that is very difficult to treat, which
can lead to sepsis (blood infection) and death! same
thing with a disease like Syphilis which, there is barely 10
years, no longer existed in Quebec and is making a comeback.
Syphilis, which is often present with HIV, may become
difficult to treat and requires many medical follow-up appointments
and taking medications that have side effects
negative and annoying. In fact, there are nearly 15 sexually
which are all subject to contract in the lack of protection like the condom. Would PrEP be
a poisoned gift? Not necessarily if people empower themselves
and put in the head that PrEP is only
against HIV and nothing else. For the rest, everyone must act according to
the existence of other infections and to protect themselves adequately.
The health of LGBT people and their families is at stake.