« Puppies » cause controversy at Pride Montreal!

Gay Globe Magazine

The festivities surrounding Pride Montreal, each year, elicit many reactions according to the tastes and opinions of the people who participate in the community day or who attend the parade. This year, all the negative comments received by Gay Globe concern only one group, the « puppies », this group represented by men disguised as little puppies and who display a behavior similar to the animal, in public.

Social networks were full of comments, all unanimous, on the relevance of these people in relation to LGBT. « Absolutely disgusting. This comes to justify the homophobes who claim that children should not attend parades. Sexuality is in the bedroom. For the rest, stay dressed and stand in public! « , » It’s not diversity, but perversion in this case …, and it has no place! « , Or » This is clearly a small group unrepresentative of the gay community. « Some supporters of the movement » puppies « compare it with men dressed in leather and chains or even men who walk the buttocks air in » chaps « (bottomless leather pants panties). But here we must distinguish between a movement based on physical appearance and clothing and a movement based on the sexual domination of one person over another, even if it is sex.

As for some groups of pedophiles claiming the right to be part of LGBTs claiming to be a sexual minority or followers of certain religions who claim to be LGBT through their sexual practices, the debate revolves around the inclusion of « n ». matter, « which would have the effect of undermining the credibility of the LGBT movement as a whole. We will come back to this in a future edition since the moral question is raised here and the debate deserves our full attention.