Hello Mr. Chayer, I have just finished reading your article on the Police Deontology Commission and I can confirm that the same thing happened to me when I wanted to settle a complaint against a police officer in my borough. By reading your text, you convinced me that I would never get justice by going through the Commission …
Philippe D., Montreal

Hello Philippe, It’s all the same sad when we realize that the tools used to better democratize our societies are useless. I do not know if the Minister of Justice of Quebec, Mr. Simon Jolin-Barrette, will read my text one day, but a reform of this institution would be desirable.
Roger-Luc Chayer, editor

Reading your text on « Super Gonorrhea on page 5 of the Gay Pride edition, I got very worried and wondered if this variant could cause death?
Ariel J., Quebec

Hi Ariel, in order to answer your question correctly I did some research. According to the website, a Swiss pharmaceutical company, “If the gonorrhea bacteria (gonococcus) pass into the blood, complications can be arthritis, meningitis and even lead to death of the patient. patient. The information is contradictory according to the sources. The VATIE network, the BBC, National Geographic and the World Health Organization speak of very serious complications of resistance to usual treatments, but nowhere is the death mentioned. Meningitis, pericarditis, etc. however, are complications of gonorrhea that can lead to death.
Roger-Luc Chayer, editor

Dear gay Globe, You always have spectacular images that accompany your reporting and I have noticed that they often come from Pixabay. Can we take these images from our side or do we have to open an account?
Annie H., Laval

Hello Annie. All images provided to us by Pixabay are free and royalty free. Anyone can therefore take them back and use them. You don’t need to open an account, but I recommend it, it gives access to higher resolution photos and more downloads. However, for the other photos used by Gay Globe, either they are our own and therefore protected by copyright and moral rights, or they come from third parties and are used through fair use of Canadian copyright. . In the latter two cases, you cannot use them.
Roger-Luc Chayer, editor

I would like to give you a little suggestion from a subscriber to Gay Globe magazine and classic cinema. I don’t always have the opportunity to watch movies on my computer, I find it more comfortable to do so in my bedroom on my television. Could you get a DVD of the movie made every edition so that people like me can watch the movie on a DVD player, or is that impossible because of the laws?
Mario H., Sherbrooke

Hello Mario, this is the first time that we have been asked such a question and the idea is interesting. It’s not a matter of law, copyright, etc. since the films and shows presented on Gay Globe TV are free of rights. Rather than having to wait at each edition to find out if you win a film, you could easily go to specialized sites like Internet Archives, download the film in the category of your choice (there are thousands of them in all languages) and put that on a DVD to listen to on your television. What do you think?
Roger-Luc Chayer, editor

Hello Mr. Chayer, we are talking a lot these days about Mr. Éric Duhaime, new leader of the Conservative Party of Quebec, and I would like to know your opinion on his positions and the fact that he is openly gay, you who had him devoted a cover. Thank you.
Anne D., Quebec

Hello Anne, I knew that sooner or later they were going to talk to me about Mr. Duhaime as a cheerful character. First of all, the fact that he is openly homosexual does not mean that he is in the mainstream of LGBT communities, on the contrary, and he has published it elsewhere. Personally, I do not know Mr. Duhaime and I have never spoken to him. He is attacked a lot for certain positions, but when I read more fully the details of his speeches, I find him, with a few exceptions, quite reasonable.

He is clearly a populist and tends to speak at the opposite end of the spectrum. It’s his way and it’s up to him. Is that really his opinion or is he making these speeches to gain publicity, to gain votes or to gain attention? I do not know.

It could obviously be that before the next Quebec election, I ask him for a fundraising interview, to get to know him better and present him to readers. We will then see what I will remember from Mr. Duhaime …
Roger-Luc Chayer, editor