Some figures on the Montreal Gay and Lesbian Community Center

Roger-Luc Chayer

We are often asked how many organizations are housed by the CCGLM at 2075 Plessis in Montreal and what are the rents paid, because some of our interlocutors claim that rents would not be paid in a building that is provided by the City of Montreal. Here is the state of the situation: between 2014 and 2018, six organizations shared the premises of Plessis Street. Here is their name and the amount of their annual rent provided by Ville-Marie borough according to the Access to Information Act.

Name: 2014 2018
RÉZO: 8586.48 8899.92
Deaf AIDS Coalition of Quebec 1809,24 2250,00
CCGLM 3474.84 3600.00
GRAY and Criphase 1206.12 1245,00
Aids Community Care Mtl 6608.04 6900.00
Youth Lambda 430,32 0,00 *
* (Lambda Youth moved in 2015)

The City Buildings Directorate confirmed to us on February 8 that no account showed any delay in payment.

Egypt: TV presenter sentenced to one year in prison for interviewing gay man

The presenter, Mohamed al-Gheiti, who had repeatedly said he was opposed to homosexuality, was found guilty of promoting this sexual orientation and insulting religion.
The presenter was also sentenced to one year of surveillance, and a fine of 3,000 Egyptian pounds (130 euros), said Samir Sabri, the plaintiff’s lawyer.