What is the « anal test » exactly?

Roger-Luc Chayer

We hear a lot lately about the famous « anal test » practiced by the authorities of some countries to « unmask » the homosexuality of a man and obtain his conviction to the

prison, as in Tunisia, Morocco or several other generally Muslim countries. Now, what exactly is this test? Thanks to the Tunisian association Shams, for the protection of LGBT people, Gay Globe obtained an examination report signed and authenticated by Dr. Mohamed Allouche, practicing in Tunis. According to this report, the examination is thus practiced:

1- The patient is often handcuffed since the examination is ordered by a judge or the police;
2- The doctor confirms the presence of male genitals;
3- Presence or absence of disappearance of the radial folds of the anal margin;
4- Presence or absence of pain at the separation of the two buttocks;
5- Presence or absence of recent traumatic lesions of the anal margin;
6- Painful or painless rectal touch with preserved sphincter tone or not;
7- Signs of chronic sodomy;
8- A police officer may be present during the examination if the room is not safe …

It is obvious that not only does this pretended test not respect the basic rights of man and constitutes a shameful invasion of the private life of an individual, the doctor who practices it outright violates any ethics, even in Tunisia. A general practitioner consulted by Gay Globe also confirms that this test has no value since the signs sought may also be present among cyclists and has no medical value.