Carle Jasmin

Mrs Plante, my Village hurts!

For several years, you, like everyone else, have seen the state in which my Village has become, this neighborhood once so open, inclusive, clean, with luxurious shops and establishments where everyone wanted to be seen. Do you see it well?

All this did not start with your arrival, but the worst is happening under your mandates. However, you are the mayor of our Village, by default, by becoming the mayor of the City of Montreal since the Ville-Marie borough is the only one in Montreal not to have an elected mayor following a corruption case so long ago. long time.

You are the boss here and no one else. Would you let your house become like this? Obviously not. The Village is my home, and that of thousands of others who have built it. Do you come once in a while to walk or drive slowly on Ste-Catherine Est? At the corner of St-Hubert and Ste-Catherine? Are you aware of the state of the side streets and the ghetto of begging, poverty, social and mental problems that we have voluntarily brought together in our Village?

When you say that LGBT communities are inclusive and that the Village is welcoming to homeless people, drug addicts, etc. You are wrong. I do not know anyone from the LGBT communities who is proud of the current state of the Village, neither among the merchants, nor at the SDC and nor among the residents.

My village hurts me and I cry every time I walk there. The pandemic hurt, but the worst was your decision to bring together all the homeless people in the Montreal region at Émilie-Gamelin park and the Place Dupuis hotel.

The entrances to shops then became open-air accommodation, the storefronts toilets for everyone and the alleys, I don’t even dare tell you what’s going on there because I have too much respect for this magazine which publishes and for its readers.
I know that with the arrival of spring, things will not get better. It will be even worse, because there will be no more snow banks that you do not pick up to hide the filth of reality.

It’s my Village because I live there, because I consume as much as possible at our merchants and I always try to improve it, but let’s face it, you have given up and like you as a leader , the villagers also gave up.

Why not demolish the Village once and for all and rebuild it under a different name? It could become “Le Faubourg des Médias”, “Le Ville-Marie Populaire” and why not “L’arron-dissement Jacques-Cartier”?

But nothing will be done, nothing will be repaired or cleaned up and my village will remain the bottomless pit of Quebec, the heartbreaking scar of Montreal. Unless you make a firm decision and go like a slingshot. Everyone will follow you you know and I guarantee it, you will have unanimity around you. Let’s go?