Speaking of prevention

Roger-Luc Chayer

We talk a lot about prevention in the case of sexually and blood-borne infections (STBBIs), as I mentioned on the editorial page of this edition, but in this area, the means are vast, diversified and even certainly fun.

What better way to find out what’s new in this field than to say hello to our advertiser and long-time partner, La Capoterie, located at 2061, rue St-Denis in Montreal.

It’s not the first time that I tell you about my visits, but once again, I was very surprised to discover a lot of new things in the field of condoms and lubricants and even a sub- unsuspected floor that I had never visited before and which offers a huge section of toys and other fun things that are not the subject of my article today. It is also thanks to the help and generosity of Mélodia (yes, that’s her real name) that I was able to go around the shop and ask her about everything. Things are changing fast in the world of condoms and also with the manufacturers. The biggest manufacturer of condoms in the world, the company Karex in Malaysia, had to resolve to convert partly into a manufacturer of latex gloves, for lack of being able to sell its condoms. He manufactured the Durex brand and even with other more classic brands, it is difficult to find them on the market.

This funny situation allows many small players to finally develop their own products and it is in the variety of formats, textures, materials, etc. we can find something to have fun with. A new extra thin condom is also now available, it corresponds to 20% of the thickness of the Trojans for example, a must to try.

For women, we finally offer a nice variety of condoms and specialized dams that are much more practical to use and that you can even wear before going on a romantic date, who would have thought? La Capoterie even has a section just for women. In terms of lubricants, things are moving even more and thanks to Mélodia, I discovered that in addition to water-based or silicone-based lubs, there were now hybrids and even organic lubricants made from plants. The advantage of the water/silicone hybrid lubricant is that it combines the good sides of both. Less thick and more fluid, they allow a long-lasting action without the sticky effect of water or thickening of silicone.

Another discovery, for those who love adventure, are pheromone and massage candles. If you want to plan a memorable event with your better half, light an aphrodisiac-scented candle, enjoy the softness of its lighting and when the wax starts to melt, put your fingers in it, it’s a super exciting massage oil. .

I could tell you for hours about the variety of prevention and sexual fulfillment products available, but I recommend that you consult Mélodia, which is extremely welcoming and who will quickly remove any discomfort with her professionalism.