Readers mail 126

Very interesting as an article about you in issue # 125 and surprised by some health responses and what’s coming up as public health issues in the gay community. It opened my eyes, I did not realize that there was a link between an STI and some cancers. Thank you for this interview.
(Mario D., Montreal)

There was so much to say, the journalist Jean-Philippe Bernié tried to get to the bottom of some topics but it would have taken at least 4 pages to answer all his questions. All the better if readers could learn something from my interview.
(Roger-Luc Chayer, publisher)

About the article about you, knowing your journey for a long time, I was surprised that there is no mention of where you went in life to get where you are today. It might inspire some, no?
(Michel V., Terrebonne)

Your question is a bit general and I do not know what part of my life you are referring to but if you think about the end of my adolescence in Terrebonne, it might interest some readers but there was not enough room to deal with everything. If indeed I left the house at 16 years to find myself voluntarily helped by the DPJ, it is because there existed at the time a very difficult situation to live with family and I found that there was a high risk that I ruin part of my life if I stayed in this environment. I found myself at 17 in France, without any means, without money, but I was quickly helped by friends, my horn teacher and the Conservatoire de Nice (my school then) to slowly build me. In short, it could be the subject of a novel all this; O))))))
(Roger-Luc Chayer, publisher)

I write to tell you that I was very touched by the very humane story of little Granny, the abandoned cat behind your house. You know how to tell things with a lot of tenderness. There are adoption groups on Facebook that could help you find a home. I could also circulate an opinion to make it adopt in my groups if you wish it?
(Maria R., Laval)

Thank you Maria. In fact the worst of the cold season is over. Mamie slowly resumes her usual pace outside and we await the decision of a person interested in adopting it in March. Whatever happens, I always watch her and make sure that she is fed, that she drinks at will and that she is always healthy.
(Roger-Luc Chayer, publisher)

I got the title « Bio » yesterday and I think it’s a beautiful recording, quiet and relaxing that gives an impression of greatness, nature, very nice work! I understand that A Tempo Records belongs to Gay Globe or vice versa … My question is: Is it possible to submit a recording, I’m a pianist, so that A Tempo Records can produce a CD if it’s interested?
(Franck C., Montreal)

Hello Franck, the CD sales market has been in sharp decline for a few years now and we are no longer producing CDs since the vast majority of purchases are now online, in the form of files. As you saw with « Bio », there is only one download format, no CD. By cons, to answer your question about your records, if you want to submit your files for review, it is quite possible to market them if the product interests us, but only as download files. We have the resources for international distribution. Send your MP3 files to and we will respond. Thank you.
(Roger-Luc Chayer, publisher)