Une couverture qui a fait bien parler et pour les bonnes raisons!

Gay Globe Media

You have been many to congratulate me for the great coverage of the latest edition of Gay Globe Magazine and I thank you for that. Some talk about the king of the magazine, others are much too serious, but the unanimity revolves around the visual style and the grandiose aspect of the scene. On the one hand, the photo was not taken in a big hotel but, well in my living room from the top, at home. The success comes mainly from the talent of my friend and stylist Rémi Tamimount-Roy who kindly made a series of official photos for my professional needs. I still remember his thoughts on my clothes, my poses and the layout of the decor, until the arrangement of the curtains. He was kneeling in front of me, his eyes dark and, using his eyes to make snapshots of what he saw, everything had to be perfect. And that gave the cover. Thank you Rémi for your talent!